How to Get Around When You Absolutely Need a Car, Part I

Sometimes, you just absolutely need a car to get around.

Most frugal living sites will tell you that it’s best if you avoid having a car if you want to save money. Unfortunately, for many of us, we don’t live in walkable cities or in cities that have easily accessible transportation systems. So, for those of us who live in the boonies or in otherwise [...]

How To Save Next Time You Fill Up Your Tank

Save Money on Gasoline

Frugal Freida is back again…and, like everyone else who drives a car (or a minivan, or a truck), I’ve noticed how crazy gas prices are getting. IN FACT, when Donald Trump says we’re going to be looking at $7-a-gallon gasoline this summer…well, we thought we’d revisit one of our earliest posts here at New Frugality [...]

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