How To Submit a “How To”

The New Frugality Team would love to hear from you!

Have a How To article that you’d like to share with the New Frugality audience? Here’s how you can submit!

First of all, send your article as an MS Word or simple text doc. Make it simple – no styles like tabs, indents, special text styling, coding, etc. We have an email address at the bottom of the page for you to send your article to.

You’ll see that all of our articles follow the same format.

  1. How To Title Your Article for Maximum Benefit
  2. Each article on the site begins with “How To” and is immediately followed by a Verb. (“Title,” in this example, is a verb.)

    This is a site where we help each other learn new tricks about How To Remain Frugal – or How To Do More With Less. So, as long as it’s in that vein, you have a good chance of getting your article accepted.

  3. The Introduction Should Be a Couple Paragraphs Long, Tops
  4. The articles on the site average 400 to 600 words; so you don’t want to say too much stuff up front. Save the “meat” for the 5 points.

  5. Each Article Should Have 5 Points that Support Your “How To”
  6. Twelve is too many, and two is not enough. So we settled on five. The intent is that your article thoroughly covers your topic, but isn’t exhuastive and full of filler content.

  7. Wrapping Up Your Article
  8. When you’ve finished your 5 points, add another paragraph or two to bring it all to closure.

  9. Let Us Know Who You Are, and Send Us a Photo
  10. A couple special instructions here. First up, if you use Gravatar, that would be awesome – then we can very easily attach you to your photo and web domain without a heck of a lot of work.

    If you don’t use Gravatar, then you’ll need to send a photo (125×125 pixels, max) and a link to your preferred website.

    You can suggest a “featured image” to run with your post – however, this must be a photo that you own the rights to, and you must give us express permission to use the photo on our site.

    Important Legal Information:

    By submitting your article and any accompanying imagery to New Frugality, you are giving New Frugality, LLC full copyright to the submission. All submissions become the property of New Frugality, LLC and can be used in full, in part, edited, combined with other information, repurposed or not used at all.

    Additionally, once we run your article, we retain the right to run your article exclusively for a period of 30 days. After 30 days have transpired, you can share your post on any site that you would like.

    Where to Send Your Article

    After you’ve followed the above instructions, send your article to submissions [at] NewFrugality [dot] com.