Cut Your Grocery Budget With A Price Book App


A grocery price book is a time-tested tool that can empower you to save hundreds of dollars on groceries every year. There are four key ways it can help you save but the basic concept is simple – track a product’s price over a span of time and determine the sale cycle for it. Then [...]

The Evolution of the Coupon [INFOGRAPHIC]


Our pals over at have taken a trip back in time to look at something we use every day to save: the coupon! Here’s a look at the coupon’s origins and evolution to what it is today.   Learn about infographics software.  

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Make That Impulse Buy

Impulse Buy

On a daily basis, we are bombarded by persuasive marketing from all directions. Print, television, digital and mobile marketing are more aggressive than ever. Combine this with the widespread availability of credit and you get easy, impulsive buying. We are persuaded that we need the newest, greatest, most technologically advanced product and we will stop [...]

Can Obsolete Tech Really Save You Money? [INFOGRAPHIC]


TVs, laptops, tablets…they’re all expensive investments – but in the long run, does it really make sense to buy all of these things new? Well, that’s what this infographic tries to explore (P.S. How awesome are these graphics!? We love the Miami Vice-esque feel – plus the information is pretty interesting!) Image source: MoneySupermarket;

How to Get the Most out of a Second-Hand Computer

Refurbished computers can save you quite a bit, but still serve you just as well as a new model.

Computers are everywhere these days. But do you wonder what happens to all the ones which are taken out of use every year, to be replaced by newer models with superior software and capabilities? Sadly, lots of these no longer loved machines can easily end up in a landfill site, when they could quite easily have been given [...]

Infographic: Tips for Buying a Used Car

How to Buy a Used Car

Are you a bit of a novice when it comes to purchasing a used car? If so, this perfect & digestible infographic will prevent you from buying a lemon and educate you in the car buying process. It’s written for the UK, but many of the same tips still apply. It’s an amazing fact that [...]

Living on a Budget – When Your Friends Aren’t

Photo by Aquababe, used with CC License

One of the reasons we launched this site is to help everyone to be a little more budget-conscious – budgeting your time and your money – but still live the “good life.” That’s easier said than done in this crazy modern economy: everyone’s more connected than you, everyone’s doing cooler things than you, and everyone [...]

How To Get The Most Out of Frequent Flyer Miles

Frequent Flyer

It happened. The offer came via email, and it looked way too good to be true. Delta Airlines was offering a bounty – 70% increase on the number of miles you purchase. Limited Time! Great Value! But…really…is it? How great a value can it be if you’re looking to buy something that may be worth [...]

How to Get Out of Target Without Spending $150

Target Store

Oh, Target. You are my kryptonite. The minute you walk through the doors and see the well-lit bullseyes, you know it’s all over. As you hit the checkout and do the math in your head, you think you’re still within the budget. You pretend there’s still hope. Then it starts. A spontaneous pack of gum. [...]

How To Leave the Ranks of the Unbanked

Saving Pennies

Lots of you are “unbanked.” Yes, even the really frugal among us, who are financially savvy as heck, might not have an actual bank account. But…how many are “lots” of you? Well, first of all, consider the statistics – 60 Million Americans are Unbanked, according to FDIC estimates – meaning that no one in the [...]

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