Save $500 a Year By Ditching Your Gym Membership

Running Shoes

Welcome to the new economy, where every little thing gets looked at on the family P&L. Like the Gym Membership. Sure, there are ways to score gym memberships on the cheap – or even free – such as going to the local YMCA and seeing if they’ll work with your budget. OR sign up for [...]

Yet Another White Meat!

Bison Burger on the Grill

Burgers on the grill – nothing says summer more. Nothing like a perfectly grilled, juicy burger. Right? BUT BEEF IS EXPENSIVE! Well, sorta – a quick check of the old grocery circular (or, since I don’t have one handy, a quick scan of the Peapod web site) tells met that it’s $3.29 for the “85% [...]

How to Get Around When You Absolutely Need a Car, Part I

Sometimes, you just absolutely need a car to get around.

Most frugal living sites will tell you that it’s best if you avoid having a car if you want to save money. Unfortunately, for many of us, we don’t live in walkable cities or in cities that have easily accessible transportation systems. So, for those of us who live in the boonies or in otherwise [...]

Get More Frugal By Taking a Break from Facebook

Image from New Frugality, CC License

You spend way too much while you’re on Facebook: you spend time, which is money, and you spend money (if you’re one of those folks who clicks on ads and buys things). Either way, you’re spending way too much on Facebook. Don’t believe me? Consider the stats: There’s this piece from Mashable in the fall [...]

How To Save Next Time You Fill Up Your Tank

Save Money on Gasoline

Frugal Freida is back again…and, like everyone else who drives a car (or a minivan, or a truck), I’ve noticed how crazy gas prices are getting. IN FACT, when Donald Trump says we’re going to be looking at $7-a-gallon gasoline this summer…well, we thought we’d revisit one of our earliest posts here at New Frugality [...]

How To Survive an Upside-Down Mortgage

Home Under Construction

Actually, come to think of it, Frugal Freida should have called this “How To Survive an Upside-Down Mortgage or Two (or Three)!” If you were part of the movement to (a) buy a house and (b) maybe get cash out of that house before (c) the market tanked and (d) your job prospects started to [...]

How To Prepare for Hyperinflation

100 Trillion Dollar Bill from Zimbabwe

Darn, that’s a scary concept, isn’t it? The concept of spending millions of dollars for a haircut? A hundred million dollars for a loaf of bread? The cost of staples going up and up – and up! – so rapidly that you’ll have to bring your money in a wheelbarrow? Relax, at least a little. [...]

How To Spend 24 Extra Hours

Time to Spend for the Optimist

It’s a gift – February 29, 2012 – this extra day that comes once every four years. Here at New Frugality, we’re guessing you can troll the interwebs and find out the why behind Leap Day: something about the earth’s rotation around the sun, and whether or not a year is divisible by 4, but [...]

How to Wash Shampoo Out of Your Life

Flax Seeds are Cheap

Frugal Freida likes to save money – that’s for sure. But, if she can find a way to save money AND rid her body of unwanted chemicals, even better. Plus, if this whole thing gives her – and her whole family – shiny, healthy hair, this sounds like a plan she can get way behind. [...]

How To Not Miss The Best Of New Frugality

New Frugality Blogger Badge

Just joining New Frugality? Afraid you have a lot of back-reading to do? Never fear! We can help you catch up quickly and effectively (we don’t like to waste time or money!), as we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 posts from New Frugality since our official launch on February 1, 2012. With this [...]

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