How To Obtain Lean & Juicy Meat For Pennies Per Pound

Deer about to become roadkill.
We are talking about deer meat (venison) and lots of it.  Not everyone is called to be a hunter, but there are some great rewards to bagging a deer. If you hunt, great, but hopefully you use the meat instead of throwing it out just for the head to hang on the wall. If you don’t hunt, chances are you probably have a family member or friend that does. Ask them if you can buy them a tag so they can shoot one for you. One tag runs from $20-$40 depending on what state you are in, and your family member may clean and butcher it for you if you assist them. 

Another great way to get a deer is – ROADKILL. I’m not talking something that has been sitting out in sun for days with flies all over it, or something that has exploded and its guts are all over the road.  The ideal roadkill would be a deer that you’ve just witnessed getting hit or that you hit yourself.  An ideal victim would be one with no damage to the trunk area.  The deer may still be alive but broke its leg(s) or got hit in the head and can’t function.

So what should you do to obtain this road kill? 

  1. Call the police.
  2. They may have to shoot the deer and put it out of its misery. They will fill out an accident report if there is damage to a car or if a person is hurt. The person that hit the deer has dibs on the carcass. Let the police officer know that you’d like the deer. He/she will issue a ticket that gives you possession of it. Keep this ticket to prove how you got the meat in case the DNR ever questions you. Once you have the ticket, time to take that deer off the road and load it into your vehicle.   You may have a nice police officer willing to give you a helping hand.

  3. Hang the deer.
  4. Once home, if you have a big tree and some rope, tie a noose around the deer’s neck and throw the rope over a high sturdy branch, tie the other end of the rope to your car bumper and drive away from the tree, hence pulling the deer up to hang from the tree. Quickly move onto the next step for freshness, especially if this is during the warm months.

  5. Clean, skin and debone the deer.
  6. Check out this very graphic tutorial. 

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  7. Safely store the meat.
  8. The average amount of meat you should be able to get from a deer is about 60 lbs. If you bought this meat from a store at $3.00 a pound, that is $180 worth of meat! Use a food storage device like a food saver or seal-a-meal to store and freeze your meet.  Or put the meat in Ziploc freezer bags and remove all air from bags. Prepared safely, the meat should last 6 to 12 months in your freezer.

  9. Collect venison recipes.
  10. Last, there are many delicious ways to prepare venison. This site has many different recipes. Believe it or not, deer meat can taste just as good as steak and it is healthier too! Enjoy your road kill!

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Do you have another good alternative way to feed your family? Tell us how below!

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Viking propeller
Viking propeller

I'll immediately bookmark your website as I can't find your e-mail subscription link or newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly let me know so that I may just subscribe. Thanks.


I was looking for SOMETHING new to cook this weekend. And I haven't had venison in years!

Heather Acton
Heather Acton moderator

@davevandewalle There's a couple long stretches of wooded roads I can recommend you do some scouting at =) Or, I wonder if you could be on a waiting list of sorts, with the police. You know, a deer gets hit, they call you kind of thing?

In all seriousness, the BEST meat I ever remember having was when my dad would make smoked deer jerky when I was a kid. Absolutely delicious...