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New Frugality Blogger BadgeJust joining New Frugality? Afraid you have a lot of back-reading to do? Never fear! We can help you catch up quickly and effectively (we don’t like to waste time or money!), as we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 posts from New Frugality since our official launch on February 1, 2012.

With this list, we’d love to thank our post authors for their help and generosity in getting this resource off the ground. They believe in our vision of helping folks live better on less, and for that we will thank them eternally!

And of course, this site wouldn’t have seen such success so far had it not been for you, our loyal readers. Thank you for reading, commenting, sharing, and subscribing. We hope to keep you entertained, energized, and educated for a long time coming!

Without further adieu, we bring you the top 5 posts on New Frugality!

  1. How to Save Money By Running Your Kitchen Like a Grocery Store
  2. Bringing us tips for the kitchen, based on lessons learned growing up in the grocery industry, Mandy Boyle ensures we use more food and waste less.

  3. How To Save Your Pennies (and they all count!)
  4. It’s the little things that can really add up, and Mandy Bekoin gives us 5 small tips that can add up to big bucks back in your pocket.

  5. How to Spend Less Money on Food (and Household Supplies)
  6. Are you an Aldi lover? Wait….you’ve never actually been there? Read this post, and you’ll HAVE to go. Thanks to Nancy Hala for these great tips on getting the most out of your trip to Aldi! Don’t miss the yummy recipe…

  7. How To Save Money On Your Home Loan
  8. Put your thinking cap on, folks, because Mike Acton goes in depth on 5 ways that you can save on your home loan (mortgage), for the long term. Not all the steps may be easy or fun, but succeed in just one and you may be up thousands of dollars over the term of your loan.

  9. How To Obtain Lean & Juicy Meat For Pennies Per Pound
  10. With our most shocking post of all comes this informative, hilarious, and yet grotesque post about recovering a recently killed deer for food for your family. (Don’t read this one during a meal!)

All in all, we hope you are enjoying and learning from the articles we’re sharing here!

Did we miss mentioning your favorite? Share it below!

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Heather Acton is an at-home mom and small business owner (Indigo21) in the Chicago suburbs. After going from two engineers' incomes to one and doubling the size of her family, she had to get creative about how to make ends meet at home. From shamelessly shopping at garage sales to learning new skills to bring in a buck, Heather will share her tips with you so that you too can do much more with much less.