Investing in the Right Kitchen Knives: A Frugal Infographic

With the heart of summer upon us, grilling season is heating up. It’s time to pare fruit, carve ribs, and fillet fish -  clearly, knives become an essential tool. It’s the perfect time of year to freshen up on a valuable lesson in the kitchen – one on the proper use of knives.

Remember – having a great knife is a smart investment in your kitchen. Investing in the right kind of knives (quality over quantity always) can save you from having to purchase a new knife set every few years or deal with the stress (and danger) of dull knives.

This infographic serves as an educational guide to your knife set, and will show you how to become a chef knife guru in minutes.

Proper Kitchen Knives Make for Quick and Easy Cooking

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I admit I have not been on this blog in a long time it was joy to find it again. It is this important topic and ignored by so many even professionals ! I thank you for leaving people more aware of these issues. Just great stuff per usual !