5 Tips for Having a Cheap Disney World Vacation

Alice in Wonderland Autograph

Greetings fellow penny pinchers! I’m Darling Stewie, today Darling Frugalie, notorious purveyor of cute and blogger of adorability. And just because I love to shop for cute things doesn’t mean I don’t like to save money. My boyfriend, @markgtg, and I heading to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, for our first vacation together, in January. [...]

Traveling on a Shoestring Budget [INFOGRAPHIC]

Traveling on a Shoestring Budget   Visual.ly

Looking to travel to a destination where you can really stretch your dollar? Take a look at some of the most inexpensive places to travel in the world in this infographic from Tripomatic.com. by tripomatic.Browse more infographics.

When Are Holiday Flights the Cheapest?

When are Holiday Airfares Cheapest    Visual.ly

Looking to travel for the holidays? KAYAK breaks down shopping for holiday airfares in this handy infographic. Browse more data visualization.

How To Keep Your Cable TV Bill Within Your Budget

TV and Remote Control

Ever since television coverage changed over to digital from the old fashioned analog signals, people have had to choose between purchasing a digital converter or cable television service. For many, the limitations of the digital converter made the decision to go with cable service an easy one. Families that are trying to stay within a [...]

Can Obsolete Tech Really Save You Money? [INFOGRAPHIC]


TVs, laptops, tablets…they’re all expensive investments – but in the long run, does it really make sense to buy all of these things new? Well, that’s what this infographic tries to explore (P.S. How awesome are these graphics!? We love the Miami Vice-esque feel – plus the information is pretty interesting!) Image source: MoneySupermarket;

How to Get the Most out of a Second-Hand Computer

Refurbished computers can save you quite a bit, but still serve you just as well as a new model.

Computers are everywhere these days. But do you wonder what happens to all the ones which are taken out of use every year, to be replaced by newer models with superior software and capabilities? Sadly, lots of these no longer loved machines can easily end up in a landfill site, when they could quite easily have been given [...]

10 Free Ways to Boost Your Mood

Feel better. Breathe deeply. Do what you love.

Have you ever caught yourself wanting to go shopping to feel better? How about buying a movie ticket to escape? Taking yourself out for dinner? These are just some of the ways we can treat ourselves, but more often than not, they end up being the first things we think of when we want a [...]

Frugal But Fun: Affordable Things to Do This Summer

Laughter is one of life's most wonderful gifts - and it's free, too!

So you’ve found yourself in a troubling financial situation. You’re late on bills and may feel as if the hounds are constantly at your door. Such feelings are all too common these days. Yet the upside of finding yourself strapped for cash is that it sort of forces you to prioritize aspects of your life. [...]

Save $500 a Year By Ditching Your Gym Membership

Running Shoes

Welcome to the new economy, where every little thing gets looked at on the family P&L. Like the Gym Membership. Sure, there are ways to score gym memberships on the cheap – or even free – such as going to the local YMCA and seeing if they’ll work with your budget. OR sign up for [...]

Spend Your Summer in Style With These Fun, Affordable, and Family-Friendly Summer Holiday Ideas

Splish! Splash! Summertime fun doesn't have to be expensive.

Today’s guest post comes from Susan Schiffman, who enjoys helping families come together through a more imaginative but frugal way of living. Enjoy! The summer holiday gives kids a chance to relax and unwind after a year of studying, and it gives parents a chance to spend time with their kids. But when you’re on [...]

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