Obtaining Business Loans and Managing Business Debt: Tips & Guidelines

Small Business Loans

If it has always been your dream to start your own business and if you think that the right time has finally come for starting your business, then you should be very careful while applying for business loans. For starting a business, it can be quite necessary to take out loans. After taking out loans [...]

How to Get the Most out of a Second-Hand Computer

Refurbished computers can save you quite a bit, but still serve you just as well as a new model.

Computers are everywhere these days. But do you wonder what happens to all the ones which are taken out of use every year, to be replaced by newer models with superior software and capabilities? Sadly, lots of these no longer loved machines can easily end up in a landfill site, when they could quite easily have been given [...]

How to Get a Pay Raise

Negotiating a pay raise? Step one: learn how to negotiate effectively.

We all know that times are hard – for individuals and businesses alike. Inflation is rising higher than wages, and prices are really putting the squeeze on families. So how do you go about asking for a pay raise when businesses are making it quite clear that there’s nothing left in the pot? Here are [...]

How to Earn Your Way Out of Financial Difficulty

Odd jobs and side income can help you out of financial difficulty

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Ian's post has some interesting ideas for earning some side cash. How do YOU earn a little extra here and there? Share with us in the comments.] Being frugal, using innovative savings methods and budgeting like a ninja are excellent ways to build a lifestyle that is sustainable and happy, but there is [...]

Professional Networking On A Budget

Networking Event Photo

I did it! I got out of the house and went to a networking event! And I survived! Well, a little background first… I’m technically an introvert: in order to get my energy level up, I need to be by myself for a while, cranking away at work stuff at my Chicago-area communications agency, Area [...]

How To Build a Website for Your Business

Build a Website for Your Business Using WordPress

Confession: the team here at New Frugality talks to people about their web sites all the time. Heather as the person behind a website development and marketing firm north of Chicago, and Dave as part of the team that created 12 Minute Marketing. Collectively, the two founders of this site have tons of web experience. [...]

How To Get The Best Service For Your Buck

Woman being nice to service man

Whether you’re hiring a landscaper or a web developer, there are some general rules you should follow as the client to ensure you are always getting service that surpasses your expectations. Be kind This time we’re putting the most important item first, and it can’t be stressed enough. I don’t care if we’re talking about [...]

How To Learn From Internet Gurus Without Spending a Dime

Get Free Internet Guru Help

We love us some Internet Gurus! (Well, actually, sorta, yeah. But sometimes no. Read on…) If you’re at all involved in the online world, there’s probably someone you consider to be an expert at…well, Internet business, making money online, helping you launch your own business, or getting a “side project” to the state where it’s [...]

How To Not Miss The Best Of New Frugality

New Frugality Blogger Badge

Just joining New Frugality? Afraid you have a lot of back-reading to do? Never fear! We can help you catch up quickly and effectively (we don’t like to waste time or money!), as we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 posts from New Frugality since our official launch on February 1, 2012. With this [...]

How to Run a Low Cost Small Business

No office for small business

A common worry among new or aspiring business owners is overhead – the cost of running a business. While it’s true that any business is going to have its share of necessary expenses, avoiding unnecessary ones is key to growing a sustainable business, especially in this “new” economy. Here are a few tactics I use [...]

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