Cut Your Grocery Budget With A Price Book App


A grocery price book is a time-tested tool that can empower you to save hundreds of dollars on groceries every year. There are four key ways it can help you save but the basic concept is simple – track a product’s price over a span of time and determine the sale cycle for it. Then [...]

4 Budgeting Tips Everyone Should Keep in Mind


Creating a budget plan is something that all of us must have regardless of how much we are earning. Failure to come up with a budget plan is a surefire way to land in debt and financial anxiety.  Your ability to handle your own money will certainly affect your personality. Just think of those people [...]

Your Online Savings Checklist [INFOGRAPHIC]

Your Online Savings Checklist

Beginning saving online seems overwhelming at first. Where can you start? What apps do you use? What software should you be looking into? breaks it down into simple tasks so that saving money online doesn’t seem so challenging. Learn about data visualization software. App Review


If you’re like me, no matter what it is you spend money on, you can find a way to justify it to yourself. You set strict budgets on things, but once faced with an actual purpose you say things to yourself like, “it’s only another $50. That’s not that far over the budget. I’ve had [...]

5 Killer Financial Management Tips for Recent College Graduates

Personal finance for college grads doesn't require a degree in accounting

When the college years come to a close, graduates often face a number of financial obstacles such as crushing student loan debt, a difficult job market and an overall lack of experience when it comes to managing their money. Perhaps you have recently begun this transition and aren’t sure how to begin building your wealth. Fortunately, there [...]

The Three Keys to Creating Your First Budget

Piles of receipts? It's a sign you need to do something.

Creating and using a budget is easy once you realize that you only need to consider three things. Every budget requires the precise knowledge of your income. It requires knowing all your bills, expenses and financial obligations, and it requires setting explicit financial goals. You need to know your income in order to calculate how [...]

10 Mobile Apps for Tight Family Budgets

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Some people believe that being frugal means living a limited lifestyle. As many of us already know, it’s actually about being smart with money, in a way that allows for the opportunity to do all the things we enjoy. The following are some top mobile apps that definitely can save quite a bit of money [...]

Create Your Family’s ‘Financial Fire Extinguisher’

Fire Extinguisher

  You keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen to prevent little emergencies from exploding into major crises. You need $1000 in a savings account for exactly the same purpose. If you have taken advantage of a payday loan’s convenience, you may have learned the value lesson the hard way. Yes, the payday loan got [...]

5 Money Strategies to Help You Retire At 50


Everybody has the dream that they’ll be able to retire early, travel the world and experience all the beauty that life has to offer. The fear for many is that they will have to work into their 70′s given the current ecomonic climate and modern social habits. The reality is that you will probably fall [...]

Do Homemade Meals Really Cost Less?

vintage food ad

Food is expensive. It is amazing how the cost of keeping yourself fed really adds up in a hurry unless you watch what you spend. Restaurants and grocery stores alike seem to raise their prices every week. On the other hand you often see value meals, 2 dollar burgers, 9 cent wings or other promotions [...]

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