Fitness & Finances: Losing and Winning

A few weeks ago, my 9 to 5 announced that they’d be doing a weight loss contest similar to Biggest Loser. This is actually one of the most popular health programs that HR does at my company, as there are some pretty sweet prizes to be won. I signed up for the contest as it [...]

How Living Like an Entrepreneur Can Make and Save You Money


If you are someone who is interested in both making and saving money, you need to convert to an entrepreneur lifestyle. Out of all of the different categorizes of business people, entrepreneurs are the ones who are at the top of the list when it comes to being labeled for both making and saving money. [...]

Make Your Own Pickles and Save Money


Once you learn how easy it is to make your own pickles and fermented foods, you will never want to get store bought again. The art of fermenting foods is so much easier than you could possibly imagine. You can make your own sauerkraut, pickles, or pickled vegetables, save money, and the best part is, [...]

Cut Your Grocery Budget With A Price Book App


A grocery price book is a time-tested tool that can empower you to save hundreds of dollars on groceries every year. There are four key ways it can help you save but the basic concept is simple – track a product’s price over a span of time and determine the sale cycle for it. Then [...]

Traveling on a Shoestring Budget [INFOGRAPHIC]

Traveling on a Shoestring Budget

Looking to travel to a destination where you can really stretch your dollar? Take a look at some of the most inexpensive places to travel in the world in this infographic from by tripomatic.Browse more infographics.

How to Cut Back on Your Everyday Costs

Save Cash

Some people end up in debt because they’ve ‘splashed the cash’ and gone over budget buying something major. But for others, it’s actually the smaller, day-to-day spends – the ones that we tend not to give a second thought to – that end up putting a serious drain on their bank balance. However, with a [...]

4 Budgeting Tips Everyone Should Keep in Mind


Creating a budget plan is something that all of us must have regardless of how much we are earning. Failure to come up with a budget plan is a surefire way to land in debt and financial anxiety.  Your ability to handle your own money will certainly affect your personality. Just think of those people [...]

When Are Holiday Flights the Cheapest?

When are Holiday Airfares Cheapest

Looking to travel for the holidays? KAYAK breaks down shopping for holiday airfares in this handy infographic. Browse more data visualization.

Smart Money Management for Students

College Student

College is the transitory step between youth and adulthood. Careful preparation by students and their parents can make the transition from the financially sheltered stage of youth to the independence of life on a college campus less stressful. Students who are not prepared to handle the responsibility of managing their own money could find themselves [...]

Your Online Savings Checklist [INFOGRAPHIC]

Your Online Savings Checklist

Beginning saving online seems overwhelming at first. Where can you start? What apps do you use? What software should you be looking into? breaks it down into simple tasks so that saving money online doesn’t seem so challenging. Learn about data visualization software.

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