Our History and Mission

New Frugality was founded in early 2012 by friends who were frustrated with the typical demanding and downright depressing tips given to folks trying to live on a budget. “Save All of Your Money”, “Get Rid of All of Your Debt…NOW”, “Go Work Anywhere That Will Pay You at Least Minimum Wage” are examples of the types of advice that were really getting under our skin.

We believe that living a frugal lifestyle doesn’t have to be as painful as it’s made out to be.

And actually, living a frugal lifestyle can be a lot of fun and calls for ample amounts of creativity. From learning how to handle your cash in the right (realistic) way, to making stuff on your own (food, laundry detergent, or otherwise), to running over mammals for food, New Frugality touches it all. We are not afraid to be real and to put it all out there.

We believe this to be the “NEW” Frugality. Join us in the movement, won’t you?

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