5 Best Apps for Managing your Weekly Budget

Budgeting apps can keep you organized - no matter how crazy things get.

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In today’s modern world, it has never been easier to track your weekly budget.

Apps offer easy solutions for managing your budget, right in the palm of your hand. The accessibility of apps makes them a great solution for people with busy schedules to keep track of their finances, no matter how crazy things might get.

Here are some great apps for tracking and organizing your weekly budget:

My Weekly Budget (MyWB)

My Weekly Budget enables users to precisely record their spending and savings each week and even recall past entries. Being able to recall past entries allows you to view your finances from a different prospective and adjust your weekly budget accordingly. Each time you make a purchase it is entered into the app, helping you to easily manage where your money is going each week. Upon setting up your personal details in the app, you will first supply the prospective budget that you wish to follow. Once you have set your budget, you calculate all your costs to ensure that you are not spending more than you are earning. This app is a simple yet effective tool for managing your weekly budget.

Budget App

The Budget App also allows users to easily manage their weekly budget. Users begin by entering their weekly limit, followed by deducting all regular payments. Throughout the week, users add further deductions as required. By assisting you in keeping track of your weekly budget, this app enables you to consider which purchases may be better left for another day and promotes good saving habits.

Debt Collector

The Debt Collector app is a great choice for users to track their debts and plan their weekly budgets accordingly. This app allows you to create a name for your debt, categorize it, enter the total amount due for payments, and add any relevant notes. To further track your debts and calculate a budget for the week, the Debt Collector allows you to email your information, making it more manageable to create personal weekly budget spreadsheets or plans. Not only can you keep track of the dollar value of payments being made, but you can also enter the due dates for all debts and set reminders so that you never have to worry about late fees again.

Simple Budget Weekly

As the name suggests, Simple Budget Weekly assists users with managing their weekly budget in a simple, yet effective manner. By using this app to track your weekly spending, you are able to more effectively budget your money. The Simple Budget Weekly App is easy to use, providing a detailed list of purchases and graphs to better understand and visualize the incomings and outgoings of your money.

Cash Strapped

The Cash Strapped app can also help you stick to your weekly budget. This app is designed to track the use of your remaining money after bills and necessities have been taken care of. First, the user enters the total amount of their remaining budget and the date their budget will be refreshed. Every time you purchase something, whether you are shopping or having a meal, you enter your total spend into the app. Cash Strapped automatically deducts your spend from your budget and notes what the money has been spent on. At the end of the week, users are able to view their remaining money budget and find out where they are unnecessarily spending money and determine how much they could be saving.

About the Author: Tara Blair writes for a number of leading websites and online news sources covering finance, personal wealth management and other topics that are close to her heart. She is regularly asked for her opinion on budgeting and debt solutions and always recommends people try using an app as a straightforward way to manage their finances.

What budgeting or personal finance apps do you use to help you keep track of spending and savings?

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Great list of apps meant for the budget management. One more tool as well could also be considered to be added here, the cloud based expense reporting software from Replicon ( http://www.replicon.com/olp/expense-reports.aspx ) which along with the expense and budget management also makes sure that the bills and receipts also managed in a specific manner.


We just released a great iTunes money management app called "Project Budget". It's an accounting software that helps you manage multiple expenses with just one account. It's designed to project money across all of your unavoidable bills, goals and savings items leaving you with available cash for spending. Hope you like it. http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/project-budget/id521035765?mt=8&ls=1